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Online courses have become more popular than physical training. The trend of online learning courses is increasing daily because students do not need to attend physical classes on time. They can access any course module anytime and anywhere with just having internet facility. Students can choose which instructors course they want to learn according to language.

Whatsapp groups dedicated to courses are also becoming popular due to easy-to-join with a click. If you are also interested in enrolling, join these course WhatsApp group links.

Latest Course WhatsApp Group Links

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It’s important to note that course whatsapp groups are proof of the developmental nature of education. These groups represent an effective community where students and teachers unite to increase their learning experience. In the world of digital education, course groups offer unique equipment for communication.

Students can now enter on a journey of shared learning. If you need to discuss assignments, clarify doubts, or share articles, these groups are crucial parts of the educational experience.

Rules for Course Groups

Be Nice and Polite

Whenever you enter in group, always be friendly and respectful. Everyone joins for learning, so avoid being rude in conversations.

Stick to the Topic

Keep your discussions related to the course. We are here to learn different courses, not wasting time on spam messages.

Share useful stuff

If you found an interesting course that can help group members, share it to the group.

No Extra Messages

Avoid spamming the group with unnecessary courses or any other learning material that is not beneficial for people.

Think about time zones

People in these groups are from around the world. When sharing messages, always check if there is sleep time or not.

Give Feedback

If you are giving feedback, it should be constructive feedback and no mean comments.

Ask Before Sharing Links

If you want to share links, get permission from admins. After verification from admins, share it in the group.

Report Problems

You can report any problems to the administrator, like if anyone is not following rules or sending harmful material.


  • Students and educators can ask questions and discuss any issue regarding the course.
  • These groups create a space to share thoughts, launching new courses and tips to make courses interesting for learners.
  • People can share data like PDFs, videos, or animated clips.
  • Unline physical classes, members can access the group at any time and learn anything no matter what time it is.
  • Teachers can share instant announcements and discounts about the courses.
  • Make friends with classmates and teachers. These connections can help develop future careers.


Course groups are for those who want to learn multiple skills from professional trainers.

You can find both public and private groups. Private groups require approval from admins.

If you have successfully learned the course, you can easily leave from group settings.

You can share files, including documents, presentations, and relevant materials.

Yes, you can share experiences like the difficulty of the course or any experience required to join the course.

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