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It’s now easier to connect with people who share your interests. We are thrilled to announce that it’s easy to connect with and match what you love with the help of WhatsApp groups. If you are into hobbies, enjoy discussing memes, watch breaking news, or increase your religious knowledge you can join every type of group to get content and discuss with other members.

To submit WhatsApp group links, you can fill out this form with the proper group name, category for the group, and active group link. Please read all the guidelines under that form to successfully publish your group otherwise submission will be rejected.

After verifying your group completely, we will add your Whatsapp group and send you a confirmation email. Be patient and never submit a group multiple times, doing it will reject that group

Guidelines for Submitting Whatsapp Groups

  1. Adult, inappropriate, illegal, and unethical groups are not allowed. If someone send unethical group then strict action will be taken.
  2. If the group name and category of the group don’t match then we will not submit that group.
  3. Only public groups will be approved. Groups that require approval for joining will be rejected.
  4. Sending similar groups multiple times is strongly prohibited. Spammers will be banned permanently from accessing this website.
  5. Groups that promote hate speech based on any factor will not be accepted.
  6. Submitted group link must be active.

Why WhatsaApp Groups?

WhatsApp groups are fast and reliable sources to get information from dedicated groups on specific topics. Join your favorite group and see how it can benefit you.

How to share WhatsApp groups?

Sharing WhatsApp groups is not so difficult, you just need to fill in some required details and your group will be added to this website. For successful submission please read all the guidelines carefully.

Multiple categories

Due to the wide range of group categories, anyone can search for his relevant category and join or share groups. If there is no category according to your interest, you can contact us so we can complete your request.

Users who join these groups should be aware that their phone number and profile information may be visible to other group members. Make sure your privacy settings are set appropriately.


As we enjoy connecting with online friends, our platform is available for everyone to connect with others in meaningful ways. Share your Whatsapp group links, join a wide variety of groups, share ideas, and get help from other group members.