Ramadan WhatsApp Group Links

In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the ninth month during which Muslims fast the whole month. The Quran was also revealed in this Islamic month. During this holy month, Muslims engage in increased prayer, reciting the Quran, and acts of charity.

Muslims who join Ramadan WhatsApp group links can get all information related to this month such as the fasting time of all cities, hadith, and Quranic verses. Group admins remind group members of the importance of prayers and kindness.

Ramadan WhatsApp Group Links

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мυвαяαк яαмα∂нαη 🕌2024༻🏴‍☠️Join
رمـــضان مبارك تــشریف فرماہئں 🕋💚★Join
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Group Rules

  • Unethical videos and images are strictly not allowed.
  • Don’t engage in negative behavior.
  • Don’t waste precious time on useless activities.
  • Do not share entertainment material that distracts people from the spiritual focus of Ramadan.


  • Get daily religious knowledge, Quranic verses, and Hadiths.
  • Prayer reminders and fast-breaking timings.
  • Discuss religious matters.
  • Plan Eid celebrations.

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