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To learn and share about Islam, people join DawateIslami Whatsapp group links from all around the world. In this group, members share resources like verses of the Quran, Hadith, and way of life. It’s a friendly group, where each member respects the other. The group admins and moderators make sure to give a clean environment for learning.

Active DawateIslami Whatsapp Groups

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Digital DawateislamiJoin
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🌹 دعوت اسلامی 1️⃣🌹Join
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🌹 دعوت اسلامی 3️⃣🌹Join
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🌹 دعوت اسلامی 5️⃣🌹Join
سب سے پہلے توحیدJoin
꧁🌹Islam as a Deen🌹꧂Join
Islamic GroupJoin
︻╦デ╤━╼درویش لوگ𓀟𓀥Join
💔 ترجمہ تفسیر 💔Join
Islamic group🥰❤️ And Home Tips✨🏡Join
DawateIslami GroupJoin
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Shaboroz groupJoin
Shab-o-roz groupJoin
دعوتِ اسلامی کے شب وروز7️⃣Join

Group Rules

  • Share Islamic knowledge.
  • Respect every group member.
  • Links and forwarded messages are not allowed.
  • Respect every member of the group.


  • Learn valuable resources like Islamic teachings.
  • Share experiences and ask religious questions.
  • join all Dawateislami events.
  • Ask your questions from scholars.

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